Over the many years Elite Nutrition has been helping and advising a variety of clients, we have observed some particular ways in which we can tailor our advice and recomendations for female clients.
A lot of our female clients have told us that they suffer from the following,

Lack of time to prepare quality meals.
Energy crash in the afternoon.
Low blood sugar levels and cravings for sweet food.
Skipping breakfast 
Snacking on poor quality convenience foods.
Following quick fix diet plans.
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At Elite Nutrition we are often asked: What should I be eating?

We are often asked what type of foods should be eaten throughout the day to either gain or lose weight.

This chart makes it easy to choose ‘clean’ foods and make up  meals using each catagory (protein, carbs and healthy fat).

The size of the meal should be tailored to your own requirements.

If you cannot eat clean food then substitute the food with quality supplements. For example, Reflex Diet Protein or Peptide fusion, when taken with Omega 3, would make an excellent low calorie ‘meal’.

If you require help putting the foods together and deciding the levels or choosing which supplements would best suit your requirements , please give us a call or send your details over on an email 

food and drinks groups chart